Within the sprawling condominium setting of Presidio, commercial and street-lined shopping stores will go down the length of Lakefront Avenue and will feature an assortment of sophisticated shops, wellness and health outlets, restaurants and cafes alongside choice brand name signature boutiques.

It’s easy to feel pampered with several well-known beauty and high fashion retailers and ritzy interior designed boutiques. Presidio’s commercial area will retain a distinctive neighborhood feel. A prominently picturesque part of Vista Lakefront’s development plan, commercial shops along Lakefront Avenue will maintain an air of charm and simplicity while still offering a luxurious and high-end lifestyle.

Contoured for both the busy and the leisure shopper, the spacious outdoor and indoor layout and design with wide, pedestrian-only walkways will lend itself well to a more pleasurable and effortless shopping experience. Here, residents and shoppers will enjoy sunny days at the open town square, perfect for patrons dining al fresco, while weekends will surely be a haven for Sunday market hunters and art lovers.


“a beautiful blend of art and commerce, each neighborhood with its anchor retail hub has a distinctive feel suited to any shopper’s mood, from urban sophisticate to funk fantastic. . .”

Presidio gives you convenience right at your doorstep with various commercial spaces that will cater to every taste and lifestyle need. Carefully selected to provide only the best for its residents, shops, dining and entertainment outlets at Presidio are sure to excite residents and their family



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