Lakefront Masterplan

Lakefront Masterplan

Lakefront is an exclusive community that is built right beside Laguna de Bay in Sucat. Within this 60 -hectare masterplanned development will rise 14 mixed-use enclaves, six of which have already been built – The Marfori Tower, La Posada, Marina Heights, Victorianne, The Wharf and of course, THE PRESIDIO.

 Lakefront – the center of a thriving, multi-community development

  • Residential Development – Mid-rise and High-rise Residences in Presidio and Marfori, as well as planned Shophouses. Residential Estates, for private homes and large-size lots at La Posada, Marina Heights, and Victorianne.
  • Commercial Center Development -The Lakefront Wharf and The Presidio Embarcadero for Shopping, Leisure, Entertainment, Sports, and Upscale Commercial Retail Hubs.
  • Corporate Business Development – Offices and Multinational Headquarters, Healthcare and Education Campuses, Business and Hospitality Complexes, and Technology and BPO Centers.

Shaping the future CBD

Research universities, World-class hospitals, Luxury hotels and apartments, Cosmopolitan residences, Exclusive homes and villages, Commercial and Retail Centers, Technology, Finance, and Business Hubs, World-recognized art and cultural events, and first class recreational and leisure facilities – all interconnected with modern communications, roadways, and logistics.

Technology and BPO centers will be built equipped with state-of-the-art 24/7 business facilities. ICT (Information, Computer and Telecommunication) and call centers with integrated work-leisure features will allow business and talent to grow and prosper rapidly. The BPO centers will be integrated with the educational and professional training institutions thereby retaining superior access to the best talent pool driven by real-world skill requirements.


Lakefront Open Markets and Shophouses that will dot the main artery Fairmont Avenue will provide a vibrant hum to the lifestyle at Lakefront. Shop Houses will bring back the entrepreneurial spirit of home-based businesses while Farm markets and bazaars will provide the best produce at haggle prices, supporting the livelihood of local producers. OFWs and Filipino retirees opting to have a well-balanced lifestyle will have a chance to realize their life-long dream of “shopkeeping” while providing nicely appointed homes for their families.

Newsstands will carry international newspapers and glossies, French-style dry cleaners will collect and deliver laundry from homeowners’ doorsteps, gift shops will carry unique yet trendy lifestyle merchandise from all over the world, corner art galleries and antique shops will feature conversation pieces with appended anecdotes. One can literally smell the delicious aromas wafting down the street, emanating from the doors of the local boulangeries, florists, candle makers, and organic Mountain Valley herb specialists – evocative of folkloric neighborhoods keyed up by service-oriented, community-based, family-owned and independent retail outlets. Adequate store front spaces, old-style signage with low-key window display standards, and strict business operating codes will set the Lakefront Shop Houses apart.  

A fresh, value-inspired community will again be at the forefront, this time, at Lakefront, where business growth and a stylishly modern, urban lifestyle can also be a carefully thought-out way of life.


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